Why I dumped my girlfriend after becoming a celeb – Asake

Afrobeats sensation, Ahmed Ololade, professionally known as Asake, has opened up on why he ended the relationship with his ex-girlfriend after attaining fame.

He recalled hitting stardom and receving his first big paycheck from his music, which made him so glad that he shared the news with her.

Asake said he told her exactly how much he made and decided to give her N2 million, but he was surprised when she rejected the money and deemed it too small compared to his substantial earnings from the paycheck.

Why I dumped my girlfriend after becoming a celeb - Asake

The ‘Peace Be Unto You’ concern, noting that he was troubled by the unexpected behaviour, especially considering the lady’s humble background.

According to the YBNL artiste, he discussed the situation with his record label boss, Olamide, who advised him to break up with the girl and give the N2million to his mother.

Furthermore, the Grammy nominated artiste said he gifted the money to his mum, so she’s now independent and does not need to rely on him for money anymore.

Asake said; “When I made my first big paycheck from music, I was so happy that I shared the news with my girlfriend. I gave her full details of how much I made and the next day, I gave her 2 million naira as a gift.

“To my surprise, she turned it down saying 2 Million was too small compared to how much I had made. I was a bit worried coz this girl is from a humble background, and I never imagined her to be like that.

“I explained the situation to Olamide and he advised me to leave the girl, he also instructed me to send the 2 Million Naira to my mom.

“I’m glad I did coz my mom was able to make good use of the money and open a big provision store. My mom doesn’t call me for financial issues anymore coz she’s doing just fine…“

In another news…

Samantha Lee, ex-wife of American singer and actor, Tyrese Gibson, has expressed regret over her decision to divorce the ‘Fast and Furious’ star.

She said that if she had advice from a supportive “pro-marriage community”, she would not have filed for dissolution of her marriage.

Speaking during a recent chat on Hardly Initiated podcast with Ryan Catchngs and Tysean Jackson, the social worker added that she would reconcile with Tyrese if they were both “willing to work.”

According to Lee, she let people influence her decision to leave her marriage and she was “emotionally intoxicated” when she pulled the plug.

In her words; “It’s very important to seek wise counsel, you have to really decide and make a very calculated decision based on your belief systems. I think we do take divorce very casually. I would never tell a woman to walk through that in the same frame as I was when I did it.

“I was very, very, hurt, I was very angry. I remember when I made the decision I was hysterically crying on the phone with my attorney. I was not in any position to make that decision, I was extremely emotionally intoxicated.”