Why I don’t see marriage as an achievement – Mary Remmy-Njoku

Nigerian movie star, Mary Remmy-Njoku has joined the league of people who believe that marriage is not an achievement.

The actress and filmmaker opined that the majority of the married women are not happy in their marriages, but dare not say it out.

In a post on her Instagram page, Njoku warned married women to allow the singles to breathe and noted that finding the right partner is the achievement.

Mary Njoku marriage achievement

Mrs Njoku, who has been married for 11 years, condemned women who are pressuring others to get settle down with a man.

She wrote; “Dear married women, Enough! Marriage is not an achievement. Finding the RIGHT partner is. Give the singles space to make the biggest decisions of their lives and find GOOD partners in peace. Over 60% of couples claim happiness often because of societal expectations.

That was how Ifeoma was pushed to marry nonsense. Every weekend na hospital appointment for black eye, and spiritual warfare against physical side chicks. Yet she is among those trolling single girls for the same marriage. Rest Biko. Focus on the Economy! And Let the singles BREATHE.”

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In similar news…

CorrectNG recalls that popular Nigerian actor, Emeka Nwagbaraocha, has said that getting married is not an achievement, but staying married is.

The Far From Home star made this assertion while responding to a Twitter user who asked people if they think that marriage is an achievement.

Emeka said it is easy for one to get married, but the major challenge is for the person to stay in the union and build a family.

He wrote; “NO but Staying married is an achievement. It’s actually easy to get married, the work is staying in a marriage an building a family.”