Why I don’t rely on anyone in the industry – Actress Ruth Kadiri

Nigerian actress and producer, Ruth Kadiri has revealed that she does rely on people in the industry so that if they fail to help, she would not be bothered.

The filmmaker stated this in a post on her verified Instagram page while sharing her vision to revolutionise the cinema industry in Nigeria.

Ruth Kadiri believes that her innovative mindset sets her apart from others and she often wonders what would happen to her brand if she did not have those promoting her works.

Why I don't rely on anyone in the industry - Actress Ruth Kadiri Vows

According to the actress, she is committed to creating a lasting brand that will ensure people watch films she produced without being begged or persuaded.

Ruth wrote said; “The way my brain functions!!!! I ask myself what would become of my BRAND if I had no promotional help from someone!!! Truthfully I don’t bank on anyone so when you choose not to offer help I’m really not bothered.

“I’ll change the pattern in Nigerian cinema, I promise you all! You’ll watch my movie not because someone begged you to watch it! But because you Trust ME! I’m here to build a brand of longevity that definitely doesn’t require constant begging!

“I Ruth Kadiri isn’t in a hurry don’t worry about that! Building a solid structure is all I’m about! So when you see that opening credit that has my eye on it! You know your money/data is never gonna be wasted.”