Why I don’t believe in God – Seun Kuti

Controversial Nigerian singer and instrumentalist, Seun Kuti, has revealed that he does not believe in the existence of God.

He made this known in an interview with Hip TV on Friday, explaining that he finds it hard to link God to the creation of the world or to believe that an omnipotent being is watching over everybody.

Seun further said that if a supernatural being created a world where 80 percent of the people are hungry, then there is no need to celebrate or worship Him.

The Aforobeats singer said; “I don’t believe in God. I don’t believe in the concept of this guy watching everyone’s and he will judge you when you die.

“I don’t believe in the concept that people believe in God. I don’t believe that there is something responsible for the creation of the world.

“I mean who wants to create this? If someone actually created this, are we supposed to be giving the person credit?

“80 percent of human beings are living in hunger and we are supposed to be his most prized possession. There is something but not the way we are told that it is.”