Why I didn’t marry a Nigerian man – Actress Ada Karl

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Ada Karl, has revealed why she chose to marry a Swedish man instead of a man from her country, Nigeria.

The screen diva stated that she is a lover of inter-cultural romance, and that influenced her decision to marry her Swedish husband, Fredrik Karl.

Why I didn’t marry a Nigerian man - Actress Ada Karl

In a chat with Saturday Beats, she revealed that her hubby fulfilled all traditional rites in Igbo customs and has gotten a chieftaincy title.

Ada said; “I have always been a lover of inter-cultural romance. My husband loves Nigeria and wants to retire here. He has fulfilled all traditional rites required to be a true son of the soil. He is now a full blown Igbo man with the Igbo chieftaincy title, Chief Tabaku 1 of Ibolo Kingdom.”

When asked why she moved back to Nigeria, the movie star said it was because of the love she had for her roots that she left America two years ago.

She said; “I moved back to Nigeria two years ago. I love my roots, and that is why my Instagram handle says, ‘American by birth, Nigerian by force’, meaning I have no option than to accept being Nigerian. I love being a Nigerian, and in my next life, I still want to be a Nigerian.

I believe that Nigerians are the coolest people on earth with the greatest sense of humour. I read comments online and I see the humor in many of them. I am a graduate of Mass Communication, so I know good journalism. Those comments online reflect that Nigerians have a great sense of humour.

Nigerians are happy people, despite all the torture and sufferings our leaders have perpetually subjected us to. We are very kind and generous.

We live in so much lack, yet we display incredible acts of abundance and generosity when others are in need. I pray that God will touch the souls of our leaders to build a better Nigeria.”