Why I chose to respond to Yvonne Nelson with only diss songs – Sarkodie

Ghanaian Hip Hop star, Michael Owusu Addo, also known as Sarkodie, has explained why he refused to release an official statement over movie star, Yvonne Nelson’s allegations.

CorrectNG recalls that Yvonne claimed in her memoir, ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ that Sarkodie got her pregnant, denied responsibility and made her get rid of the baby.

Speaking on the matter for the first time during an interview with American media personality, Angela Yee, the rapper said he decided to only react to her claims using diss track.

In one of his songs titled ‘Try Me’ Sarkodie debunked Yvonne’s allegations and noted that he wasn’t ready to be a father but told her to keep the baby.

Sarkodie explained that he didn’t go on a media tour over the issue because he might lose his cool, so he chose to address them via song to perfectly present his side of the story.

According to the rapper, people often level allegations against him in the media because they know he barely replies.

He said; “The reason I didn’t do any media run or press around it [Yvonne Nelson’s allegations] is because I might lose how I would like to present what I feel about it. This is not the first time. I have done records to address certain issues, or maybe a line or two in a record. There is a certain energy I hate to fill into, especially speaking about it because I might lose my cool.

“With this situation, I’m not going to say I’m super proud of everything. The thing is just in a moment how I felt whether be my truth there should be a way I would have said it.

“That is why I don’t like to speak about it. This is a conversation between two people. We could have a conversation if you want to talk about it because it involves me as well. But because people know Sark doesn’t speak, people think they can say something and know Sark is not going to speak and they are gonna get away.”

In Yvonne Nelson’s book she also leveled allegation against her ex-boyfriend, Iyanya, saying he cheated on her with Tonto Dikeh which was what caused their breakup.

In her words; We had a decent relationship-breakfast in bed and all the niceties dream relationship one could think of. I had the assurance that he was someone I could be with forever. He tattooed my initials, YN, wrist, and I thought that was a big deal. If he wasn’t serious about me he wouldn’t do that. In his hit song, “Ur Waist”, he mentioned how he lusted over me. One can therefore imagine my shock when I went to Ghana after one of my visits to Nigeria and someone called me from his house.

The caller said anytime I left Iyanya’s place, another actress came over to him and sometimes slept over. The person felt strongly that there was something going on between them and thought I should know. That actress turned out to be Tonto Dikeh of Nigeria, one of the female celebrities Iyanya named in his “Ur Waist” song. When I was convinced about the authenticity of the information I received. I was heartbroken. I took to Twitter to rant and vent. Tonto Dikeh responded on Twitter, saying people changed and so did feelings, so I should move on.

@selthebomb later heard more stories about what Iyanya did with some of his female crew members. It convinced me that what happened between him and Tonto Dikeh wasn’t an isolated incident. It was a pattern, his way of life. I knew I eventually I would have left even if “Tonto Dikeh didn’t come into the picture. I did not see the need to keep fighting for a man I had lost, especially when I knew her fate was not going be different from mine.