Why I can’t leave Nigeria despite the challenges – Skit-maker, Ben Cash

Nigerian skit-maker, Bernard Ossai, popularly known as Ben Cash, has said he does not wish to ‘japa’ to seek greener pastures abroad.

Ben Cash revealed that he owns multiple businesses, and landed properties. He also said that he plans to work with international creators in Nigeria.

Ben Cash leave Nigeria

According to the content creator, despite how tough things are in Nigeria, he loves the country and traveling abroad is not an option.

Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats, the comedian said; “I am very okay as a Nigerian. I love Nigeria. I have multiple businesses, land and property here. Instead of ‘japa’, I will rather work with international content creators like me. I am currently working on creating some content with foreign skit makers too.”

He added that skit-making had turned his life around for good, as he currently enjoys fame and fortune, which he never thought he could have if he was in any other field of endeavour.

Ben Cash said; “Skit-making turned my life around for good. From skits, I have been able to make good money, recognition and property. My parents wanted me to go into law or politics, which is good, but I don’t think I would have gone this far.

“Apart from fame and fortune, I’m living my dream because this is what I have always loved and wanted to do. There were many challenges before getting to this level, but all is good now.”

Speaking on his acting career, the comic act said; “Acting has always been my dream. With the help of my friend (Sirbalo) after he was done learning filmmaking, we created a group called Sirbalo Comedy Clinic and started making our skits.”