Why I abandoned my wife, kids and wealth after eight years of marriage – Kenyan entrepreneur

A Kenyan tech entrepreneur known as Alex Njenga, has recounted how he left his wife of eight years with their kids.

He said that he just walked out of the house on 31st of December 2021 and never returned home even though he was leaving behind all his properties.

Alex abandoned his two children, three bedroom house more over 10 million, and a car all to start afresh in a new place.

According to him, the decision he took was born out of the desire to find peace of mind, as he noted that it is worth more than material things.

He wrote; “Boss, after 8 years of marriage, I left on 31st December 2021 for work and never came back. I left my 2 kids, my 3 bedroom house worth more than 10 million, my car and everything to start afresh. Sometimes, peace is worth leaving behind material things.”

But in reaction, his wife known as Diana called him out for abandoning his family even though he has an autistic child.

She said a friend at work came across her hubby’s tweet and brought it to her attention so he decided to reveal some more details which expose Alex as a ‘deadbeat father’

Diana wrote; “I was busy at work then a mutual friend sent me this tweet. I had to come see for myself. You left an autistic daughter behind and are busy lying online? The guy has never checked on his kids. He has never even stopped by to see if the kids are well.

If its peace, he could be seeing his kids. But nothing. 1 year later. I have speech therapy to attend. Therapy for an autistic daughter. The guy is still bad mouthing us. Bana chill.”