Why didn’t you dress him well – Mixed reactions as model flies her father on airplane for the first time

A South African model is facing serious backlash online following a thoughtful act towards her father that she thought would be praise-worthy.

The lady known as Sisanda Nomusa Qwabe-Coutaud, recently took her father on an airplane for the fist time and felt the need to share.

She expected people to celebrate with her, rather, she received flack from social media users who felt she did not attend to the matter that needed urgent attention.

The former Ms SA Finalist 2022, uploaded photos of herself with her father aboard the aircraft and celebrated herself for finally getting him on an airplane.

Sisanda wrote; “Finally got my Dad to take a plane ✈ 😂, yeeer kunini… #BBTitans #dad #blackexcellence”

However, her father’s unkempt appearance was a source of concern for many who wondered why she did not think it was necessary to give him a makeover in terms of changing his clothes and getting him a hair cut.

In the photos which have gone viral on Twitter, Sisanda’s father could be seen eating while rocking a tracksuit.

Some people hailed her for doing something note-worthy, however, most attacked her for not taking care of her father the right way, but she responded to them with confidence, saying she did nothing wrong.

See the post:

In reaction, @SenamileNzimaa said; My mom is 70 years I’m loosing faith will ever spoil her😭 can’t even afford spa.

@SisandaQ replied; I feel you, I never had a chance to take my Mother out, so if you’re in Gauteng, let me take you and Mom out for a very nice lunch. What do you think? ,

@BetaManzy; If you love him that much pls change his cloth

@SisandaQ said; What is wrong with his cloths, I make sure he has quality clean clothes, and give him dignity to decide what and how he wants to wear it, he isy father not my prisoner. Change your father’s clothes and leave mine alone

@oranotserantown; While Bonga wears LV🧐. At least dress your father well…he mustn’t look like he’s going for his sassa grant, hau!!

@SisandaQ answered; 1 thing you must know is that I respect and love my father so much that I don’t dictate what makes him comfortable, he is 80 and not stupid that he must be ruled by a kid on what to wear, go dress your father a suite and a tie if that’s what makes you happy phuma uphel nje kithi

@ZARMoraka; trim your father’s beard and hair…buy him a comfortable t-shirt to go with that tracksuits? Mara, he boarded a plane that’s all you wanted 🙄 for content ska dira timer like that.

@SisandaQ; what’s comfortable for you, how is that my dad’s business, thula nondindwa thula please

@Kolobe07; With only R30 rands, he can get all that hair and beards removed. Yooh Nkosi yam 😲 yini isizathu🤔

@SisandaQ; Abe right according to who? My dad is member of Shembe Nazareth Baptist Church in good standing, he has never cut his hair for more than 20 years.

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