Why Denzel Washington can’t compete with me – Kanayo O. Kanayo

Nigerian actor and filmmaker, Kanayo O. Kanayo has claimed to be more dedicated and better at interpreting movie roles than American movie star, Denzel Washington.

He posited that the level of work, perseverance, energy, and dedication he puts into his craft is what separates Nollywood actors like him from their foreign counterparts.

Kanayo was speaking during an episode of The Honest Bunch podcast, where he likened his movie roles to those of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He argued that if the Hollywood actor, Denzel puts in the same number of hours he commits to a movie production, his skin colour would get darker.

The veteran thespian also claimed that American entertainers coined the name ‘Nollywood’ out of the seemingly ‘Nothingwood’ it was.

Kanayo said; “If Denzel Washington puts in the number of hours I put in a production here, his color will change to charcoal the next day”.

He added; “They have come to understudy us. Americans from New York came to study us, and they said guys, ‘we see some efforts here and there, these things take us about one month to sort, how come you achieve it in one week?’ So it was now a course of study for them, they saw the zeal we put in.”