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Why denim is a must have piece




Denim is the never ending, always trending must have piece in every wardrobe. It comes in different pattern, colors and sizes to suit individual need.

Denim was traditionally colored blue with indigo dye to make blue jeans, although “jean” formerly denoted a different, lighter, cotton fabric.

Skinny denim jean and denim flare trousers are one piece that stood the test of time and passing trends. They’re timeless for a reason. Denim outfits has evolved into a go-to fashion staple in most women/men wardrobes.

The beauty of denim lies in it versatility. It can serve you for all occasion. It can be worn to the office, church, parties, dates, beach etc. This is because denim comes in different designs like gown, trousers, short, denim kimono, jacket etc.


To facilitate the natural distressing process, some wearers of denim abstain from washing their jeans for more than six months. Clothes get worn out, but fashion sense grows daily.

Here are a few tips.

Distressed denim trouser with crop top


Denim bodycon gown


Denim trouser and shirt, paired with white inner

Denim boyfriend jean


Denim flare short gown

Denim short


Denim short styled with blazer

Related image

Denim trouser styled to look cooperate


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