Why death doesn’t scare me – Anthony Joshua

British-Nigerian professional boxer, Anthony Joshua says he is not afraid to die because even after death he would still “live on.”

The former two-time unified WBO champion, in a post on his Snapchat page, said he is a make up of many past generations and he will be part of his future generations to come.

Anthony Joshua not afraid of death

Joshua wrote: “Don’t be afraid to die as you will always live on one way or another. In the sense I am Anthony Joshua but I am a make up of many past generations and I will be part of my future generations to come one I create life and pass on.

“Physiologically, I will die – but if I create life I live on. When they say you are so much like your granddad or your grandma, you are them and if you knew your great great grand parents it will be the same thing said.”

CorrectNG recalls that the boxer once said he wants to go into retirement while still in a vibrant and healthy state. He noted that his goal is to make sure he is not nursing his boxing wounds well into old age.

The Two-time heavyweight champion, in a recent interview with Men’s Health, added that he is going to judge a part of his legacy with his health.

“In boxing, people walk in the gym one way and not many walk out the same way, because of the trauma and the stuff they put their body through. I want my legacy to be, I walked out healthy.

“Imagine me at the age of 50 or 60 in a wheelchair and fragile because of the trauma I put my body through. My legacy should be when I’m old, I’m still fresh. I want people to say, ‘Oh wow, he still looks good, he still looks after himself.’ That’s a legacy,” he said.