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Why are you against DNA tests If you have nothing to hide? – Entrepreneur asks women



A South African entrepreneur has taken to social media to question women who often get offended with the idea of DNA tests being conducted on kids.

In recent times, DNA tests and the need thereof, have dominated discourse online owing to the rising cases of paternity fraud.

Amid endless debates about the right or wrong of taking ones kids for the test, women most at times chide anyone who speaks of doing such whenever they get a child out of wedlock and even in marriage.

This is the reason that Hauwi Moeti has asked why women are opposed to the idea if they truly have nothing to hide.

She wrote;

”I honestly don’t get why women get offended when men demand a DNA test Skull I mean if you know you have nothing to hide, surely getting the test done shouldn’t be such an issue”

Her post generative massive response from male and female folk who shared their thoughts.

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@Zanele99145239; We can say whatever we want but it’s necessary manje, I’ll even recommend it myself as a woman. And I would take no offense because with so many things going on, I would never want my partner to be insecure about their offspring

@Ms_Kefilwe; As someone who have nothing to hide! I’ll take an offense to that! That is disrespectful and distasteful that you would sleep with me, come inside and demand test….there’s a say…what I don’t know, wont hurt me! Rather do it out of my concern

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@A_Dot85; Nah,there’s absolutely nothing disrespectful if anything you write seem like you have something to hide. Women have and continue to commit paternity fraud. And also there’s a saying in Zulu ‘only the mother knows the child’. Let’s normalize DNA testing.

@_LeloDlamini; DNA doesn’t only have to prove paternity, but it can prove maternity as well. Babies get swopped in hospitals. You need to make sure you’re taking the right baby home…

@Andile_So; My friends told me, the only reason she didn’t get swapped is caused when she was born her mom noticed a specific mark on her, a few hours later the nurses brought back the wrong baby and her mom caused a scene till they brought back the right baby(my friend)

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@KgosanaSihle; It’s the fact that women are naturally honest beings, and that it’s not easy for them to cheat when in-love. Now let’s look at it this way.. the LOML that I have been faithful too insults me by asking for a DNA test, insinuating that I sleep around!!!! Weh I AM OFFENDED.

@silkloon; DNA is about the child but women will make it about themselves lol this gender.

@NosaAguebor; I can understand why the women will feel offended. It is almost akin to being frisked at your work place because a phone is missing. The fact that you’re frisked suggests that there is a chance that you may have stolen it. I will feel distrusted. So better doing it discreetly.

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