Who say money no dey – Residents in awe as big boys shut down the city with convoy of G-Wagons

A video making the rounds online captures the moment a convoy of exotic cars passed by a busy road and attracted attention.

There were about 10 G-Wagons in the trail with other SUVS following closely behind and residents trooped out to watch them pass by.

It is not clear which persons or group were driving the cars but it made bystanders to ponder if truly there is no money.

A man who recorded the video could be heard asking a rhetorical question in obvious amazement; Who say money no dey.”

The scene was apparently captured in Ghana and another person described the pesin leading the convoy as Dangote.

Watch the video:


autumn_lynn02; Who Shey money no Dey 😒

real.kuti; That is ghana … Ghanaians dont joke they love luxury

oba_823; That’s clearly not Nigeria, You can see the plates 😂🤣

jahzgreat_timi; Money dey, but all of them na upgraded

prime_rasheed; The Traffic police with the Helmet shows its Accra Ghana, that was a Rolls Royce Cullinan!!! My God

lavish_flames; This place na Ghana. this is zongo junction at madina Accra Ghana.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user recently shared a lovely story about a cab driver making a sacrifice for his girlfriend who also went the extra mile to support his taxi business.

The narrator known as Abena Manokekame said a Bolt driver revealed that his girlfriend of two years took a loan and bought a car for him.

According to her, the girl lost her job few weeks after obtaining the loan so her boyfriend decided to do extra jobs to be able to pay back the loan.

He now combines driving Bolt, teaching and selling of perfumes in his car to get enough money to clear the debt his babe incured.

Abena, who shared the story on the microblogging platform, said the cab man was singing his girlfriend’s praises during the ride to her destination.

She wrote; ”My Bolt driver says his GF of 2yrs took a loan to buy him the car, a few weeks before she lost her job. So he’s gone back to teaching, drives and sells perfumes in his car to help her pay it back. He’s been praising her for more than 5 mins. I like that.”

Reacting @dbaba79 said; Lovely story. A little bit of kindness, empathy & support goes a long way, every relationship needs that. Many have forgotten to trust and believe in their partner just because of bad experiences. A good person is a good person, period

@Elawenam; These are the stories we don’t usually hear but exist. Everyday what do u bring to the table. This one brought the table.

@achumba_tony; I have been down for almost a year plus now;my businesses went down and ever since then;my girlfriend has been doing all she can to help me up. And gradually am coming up. Do you think I will ever forget her?no way.