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Who CGPA epp, mine was low, now I make my lecturer’s salary in a week – Man says



A Nigerian man says people shouldn’t give up on their ambitions and strive for success because of low CGPA, because it does not determine how far one will go in life.

The young man identified as @banney___ cited his case as an example, disclosing that he was expelled from school because of his bad CGPA, but that did not deter him from rising above challenges as he eventually succeeded in business.

He revealed that his business has now grown to the level that he makes his lecturer’s salary on a weekly basis.

@banney___ however, added that he is not asking people to drop out of school but only advising that they broaden their thinking scope because going to school doesn’t always pay off.

In his words;

”F*ck CGPA, who that one epp? I was expelled from university because of that stupid thing call CGPA. Then I dive into business now I generates my lecturer’s salary per week. But I am not advising you to drop out of school ohh. All I am saying is hustle, school na scam.”

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