Where to watch Nigerian movies online

Where to watch Nigerian movies online

No doubt, when it comes to entertainment most especially in the movie/film industry, Nigerian movies have been making waves over the years. Nollywood has opened the opportunity for Nigerian actors and actresses to be popularly known around the world. The Nigeria movie industry, Nollywood has been releasing great and quality movies that are well sought after by Nigerians and different people around the globe. Though having access to watch Nigerian movies is a bit problem to most people outside Nigeria and that is why today, we bring to you the list of places where you can watch Nigerian movies online.

Some of these sites require a form of subscription where you pay a little amount of money while some just require you to sign up with your email address. Let’s take a look at places where you can watch Nigerian movies online. So, if you are a fan and lover of Nollywood movies, then this post is for you.

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1. Iroko TV

Website: http://irokotv.com

Iroko TV is one of the biggest online distributors of Nollywood movies and has been described as the Netflix of Africa. This great platform was founded by Jason Njoku and is managed by Iroko Partners. Iroko TV offers both free subscription and paid subscription-based package. The free subscription allows you to watch some old Nigerian movies with no charge while with a fee of about $5, you can have access to all the latest Nollywood videos for a month including the latest releases.

Iroko Tv has also provided a data-free download platform where subscribers can download movies for free. iRokoTV has set up pink coloured kiosks in strategic locations around Lagos to assist customers with Free Downloads.

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2. Naija Pals

Website: https://www.naijapals.com

This is a Nigerian social networking site yet it offers more notwithstanding the social dialogue. Naija Buddies have a rich segment on their site where you can see some calculable accumulation of Nigerian Films to watch online. In Naijapals, you can watch Nigerian movies and Yoruba movies for a free subscription.

3. TV Nolly

website: http://www.realnollytv.com/

This is another site that offers sizzling hot and most recent Nigerian motion pictures for nothing download and spilling too. You can visit this place to watch the most recent Nigerian movies.

4. Nigeria Movie Network

website: http://www.nigeriamovienetwork.com

You can get Nigerian films just as Ghanaian motion pictures of various sorts in this place. You can likewise get delicious stimulation news and highlight stories on nigeriamovienetwork.com

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5. Nolly Land

website: http://www.nollyland.com

Authored from the Nigerian motion picture industry Nollywood, nollyland gives both old and new Nigerian motion pictures. Implying that you can go nostalgic on the off chance that you need to or likewise go for the present motion pictures. You can discover Ghanaian motion pictures just as African motion pictures on this stage. You can download the application which is upheld by a wide scope of gadgets – Android, iPhone, iPad from that point individual stores. This stage likewise enables you to thumbnail, video stream and even bookmark motion pictures.

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