“What sort of work do you do” – Reactions as Danny Walter buys another Mercedes Benz

Nigerian influencer turned crypto investor, Danny Walter has ushered himself into the new year with a new Mercedes Benz, which he referred to as his ‘baby’.

This is the second Benz he is buying in a space of three years as he acquired one in 2021 after which he purchased a Lexus.

Danny Walter buys Benz

Danny took to his Twitter page on Monday, January 8 to announce the delivery of his expensive ride to his residence in Lagos state.

He shared photos of himself posing with the black coloured Benz and in his parking garage and wrote; “My new baby just arrived. Hello, Lagos.”

Danny Walter Benz

The bitcoin trader left netizens asking what he really does for a living to be able to afford such expensive lifestyle. He jokingly said prostitution, and some guys asked him to introduce them.

See his post:

@SavvyRinu; Congratulations, Danny ❤️ It’s been a long time coming.

@CSI9ja; What sort of work do you do?

@Georgebabss; Add me to your prostitution group too, I’ve got good reviews.

@Elkrosmediahub; Big ups bruh! 2024 with a bang already 🚀 🎉

@notEezzy; Bro was just following us to price car yestedsay we didn’t know this guy was RAISINGGGGGG IT. Congratsssss bb😍

@_VALKlNG; Add me to your cabal please, the foolish cabal wey I join nobody get this kind car

@madamayo_; Na “Lazy youths” dey make moves these days. Make them dey play

@symplyDAPO; Congratulations but Omo this prostitution work dey pay o! Kindly add me to it as well, I have 4 years of experience 🙏🙏

@mister_ade5; Congrats Danny! How can i start prostitution ASAP?

@zamani281; Congratulations to you Danny. Bigger things coming ❤️🦅

Incase you need a celebrity car wash, I’m a phone call away. No take my work outside

@BusayoOtebata; Congratulations Danny 🫶🫶❤️ Abeg I get 100k for the old one Make I bring am.