What is it about my backside that irks you – Korra Obidi queries those criticising her lifestyle

Nigerian dancer and singer, Korra Obidi, has come for critics who often condemn the videos of her sensual display that she posts on social media in the name of content.

She wondered why they are so irritated by her body and dance steps and wondered why people think she should be stripped off her rights because of her legs which she uses to dance.

The mother of two shared a video on her Instagram page showing her dancing with her back to the camera as she bounces her bum.

What is it about my backside that irks you - Korra Obidi queries

This is coming days after her ex-husband Justin Dean expressed regret for marrying a woman that twerks for a living after seeing his daughter imitate Korra.

Korra wrote: “What is it about my NY*SH, that erks you so bad? Is it curve, the size or the ripples in my thighs? Why should moving my legs rob me of my rights? To mother, to nurture, to cater to my child.

“I am not my nyash. I am not the skin. I am the soul that lives within. A little jiggle, A wass and a wiggle, A tale of joy That never dwindles From generation to generation. She is contagious and vivacious. She is magnet like acacia. She is all shades of pure soul.”

Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported yesterday that the appealed to her compatriots to assist her with funds so she can sort the legal fee for her parenting battle with her ex-husband, Justin Dean.

Korra Obidi revealed that Dean, the father of her two children submitted a court order for their kids not to be posted on social media for content.

It may be recalled that the American doctor had taken to social media to complain about the way she posts their kids online, and noted that he wants it to stop as he doesn’t consider that good for them.

Speaking after receiving the court summons, Korra Obidi took explained that doing contents about motherhood and her experiences as a mother is what her contents revolve around.

The Instagram influencer further noted in a video that has gone viral online that for the aforementioned reasons, she cannot afford her children being banned from social media.