‘What I have achieved at age 23, Seyi hasn’t achieved it’ – Tacha says, fans list their achievements

‘What I have achieved at age 23, Seyi hasn’t achieved it’ – Tacha says, fans list their achievements

Controversial Big Brother Naija 2019 housemate, Tacha yesterday stated that what she has achieved at the age of 23, Seyi hasn’t achieved them.

It all started during the Sunday night eviction show, when Ebuka asked Seyi about his fights with Tacha, and Seyi revealed that though Tacha is a sweet little girl, but she tries to put up a ‘gangster’ attitude that isn’t her.

In her defense,  Tacha said Seyi is always drunk, and the fact that they tried to talk about their issues yesterday, his ‘alcohol level’ just couldn’t let him be great.

She then topped it up by saying; “What I have achieved at age 23, at his age he hasn’t achieved it.. and If it wasn’t for Big Brother, he won’t be even close to achieving it”

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This has let their fans to start talking about their achievements, see some of the achievements fans highlighted of the two housemates below;

@Karibiba: At 23 she has a thriving business. A real social media influencer. Sold out a dress she wore to the Saturday party and she doesn’t even know it 😂😂
An independent Queen. I Stan.

@TheDrSeun: Seyi at 23 vs Tacha at 23. The difference is clear 🤔🤔🤔🤷🤷🤷 #BBNaija #BBNaijaEviction

@mztatobey: Tacha at 23 vs Seyi at 23…. Only God knows what this young woman sniffs to say this jargons she does

@AdebiyiDeeone: Seyi has starred in several TV commercials. Featured on several org’s commercials like; Etisalat,Herbal toothpaste, Broken casts n crew. He was also involved in d campaign for former Governor Ambode. Seyi is a PhD holder. Tell me, what has Tacha Achieved?

@merlinpy1: Madam Tacha, Seyi was a Dynamix TV presenter, In CocaCola Advert, and on Etisalat Billboard at 23. This is apart from being the grandson of the African legendary nationalist, Obafemi Awolowo.

See more reactions below:

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@Tomisiin: Now to serious talk, what exactly does Tacha keep bragging about as being completely self-made? I sincerely hope it’s not those videos on IG – I sincerely hope. My own random musings sha

@anthony_ofoluwa: Tacha is so ill mannered and disrespectful

@nwa_anambra: Na wah Ooo. Tacha said what he has achieved in this life, Seyi will not achieve it in this life and if not for #BBNaija19 he won’t come close. And today is the first time I am watching this show Ooo. Please who know Tacha has achieved Biko.
She said she is 23🙄

@Portia90652103: What has Tacha achieved at the age of 23???…is twerking on Instagram an achievement???

@chukwunonso_oc: Tacha is right! Seyi isn’t a hustler!He doesn’t under the language of the street! If not for inheritance Seyi is no close to Tacha that have been hustling to make ends meet right from tender age

@Arch_Ife: Seyi’s surname alone is bigger than Tacha’s generation but because of Instagram twerking she thinks she has made it in life 😂😂😂😂😂😂#BBNaija

@Doris56129238: Tacha at 23 we the viewer saw what you have achieved….drawing a face of a man, who is not ur husband in between your breast..rubbish


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    I’ll mannered, disrespect na una dey find. Nigerian are very easy to criticize. Omo 4get jor I love tacha wit her sef respect and stands. Nobody can march on her irrespective of der status or name. Watch d game and stop insulting and criticising her foolish people. Seyi deserve d insult, he calls for it.