What I did with my boyfriend’s baby after forgiving him for impregnating someone else – Lady opens up

A South African lady known as @NaZikode__ on Twitter has recounted her experience with an ex-boyfriend who cheated and welcomed a baby with another woman.

She said that rather than break up, she forgave him and stayed to take care of the child, assuming motherly roles when the baby was born.

According to her, she built a strong bond with the baby girl whom she fell in love with, and she went shopping for the child but the problem was that her man’s baby mama was still in the picture.

Nazikode said that the baby’s mother occasionally stayed over at the man’s house and in that time, she was not allowed to call or visit till the baby mama leaves.

She could not continue living that way so the relationship ended when the child got to about a year and 5 months.

However, the lady who regrets staying with her ex-boyfriend, noted that she misses the child and the moments they shared.

In her words; “My ex boyfriend cheated on me and impregnated the girl, he just said “I know you’re still trying to get over what I did but apparently she’s pregnant” & that was his idea of breaking the news to me.

I stayed with him, I even fell in love with the child to a point where I did baby shopping, we’d go out together with the child for baby shopping, even got compliments that we had such a beautiful baby. Worst case scenario?

I watched him play family with the girl bc they already knew her at his house. Wasn’t allowed to call whenever she was around. She’d stay at his house for days and that meant us not talking except for when he’s at work. I also stayed at his house but as a “tenant”(long story), I watched this happen right in front of my eyes. It was crazy. It stung.

I don’t know how I am still able to love again, this is one of the worst things that happened in the relationship but ranks top. We broke up when the kid was a year and about 5/6 months. I babysat the kid at times where they’d both be at work and his mother was also unavailable.

I laugh at it now because I’m over it but what an experience. The baby enjoyed my company, she was so well behaved. I Cried whenever she had to leave my room. I just got reminded of this because I saw a baby that looks just like her.😮‍💨 I miss her, not her father. I don’t want a baby because I exhausted my new mom experience on such.”