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We’re together – Scared policeman pleads as motorist’s dog charges at him at checkpoint (Watch video)



A brief interaction between a police office and a motorist’s dog has sparked reactions from Nigerians on social media.

The motorist was driving with his dog in the car when the officer stopped him at a checkpoint on the road. It reportedly took place in Ogoni, River state.

But before the policeman could start interrogating the man, his dog began to bark viciously at the officer, thereby instilling fear in him.

The security agent was forced to make a friendly pleas by saying that it has not gotten to the point of aggression.

”E don reach like that? we are together,” he said while the dog continued barking.

The animal seemed ready to jump out of the car to attack the policeman but its owner prevented such from happening.

He was eventually permitted to drive off without being search or asked to present his car papers.

Watch the video below:

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wendy_adamma; This is the best solution to all these 50naira collectors 😂

madmoiselle_reine; E don pass like this 😂😂😂😂😂

drealhayjay; Infact e don pass that oo😂 isinku yin onisorir

In lighter news about cary incidents, a mother playing a ghost prank on two of her children.

She put her kids, a boy and girl in a room and quickly stormed out leaving them inside all alone.

Immediately she was out, a ghost created with effects appeared behind the kids and it scared the spirit out of their bodies.

The two of them tried to run out of the room but on touching the door knob, they realised it was locked.

The fake ghost started hovering over their heads and being that the children were trapped without any foreseeable escape route, they began to cry profusely.

The prank was greeted with mixed reactions from netizens, while many found it hilarious, some felt it was a bit too risky.

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