We’re more versatile than skit-makers – Comedian Omo Baba

Nigerian stand-up comedian, Fagade Ademola, known by his stage name, Omobaba, has said skit-makers are different from stage comedians.

Omo Baba said stand-up acts are more versatile than content creators because they can easily switch to skit-making.

He, however, said that some skit-makers can also switch to stage comedy, but it is only if they are good enough.

The comedian stated this in an interview while talking about his decision to delve into other professions like show hosting, event MC amongst others.

He said, “A stand-up comedian is different from a skit maker. If anyone is facing a challenge, it may be as a result of the fact that they don’t know what they are doing or they get carried away with bandwagons. Nobody is under pressure; everyone has a place to thrive. A stand-up comedian could also be a skit maker and a skit maker, if funny enough, can also try to be on the stage.”

Omo Baba added; “I don’t see a crime in me being a presenter and at the same time an entertainer, or someone being an event planner and at the same time a musician. Can’t politicians be teachers or businessmen too? All my careers are rewarding. It just depends on how I pay attention to them. Being a stand-up comedian has helped in the growth of my business.”

In other news, Nigerian Hip Hop artiste, DanDizzy has advised hustling young men to not spend their little money on women of today.

In a video posted online, he urged the lads to invest whatever small money they make from their hustle or jobs in their future.

DanDizzy said the modern girls have a desire to be pampered which can only be fulfilled by men who are financially stable enough to handle responsibilities.

The rapper said it is wise to know the type of girls to leave for a rich man instead of crying whenever their girlfriends dump them for someone better.

He said that if a girl decides to go for a broke guy, she would make her intentions known but until that happens a hustling guy should leave them alone.