Weed seller creates scene in banking hall over inability to withdraw money for his business (Watch video)

A man who sells Cannabis (marijuana) staged a protest at a popular bank after he was denied access to the money in his account.

He visited the bank to withdraw money so that he could buy more weed and restock, but was informed that there is no cash available.

This angered him and he decided to rant in the banking hall while disclosing that he needed the cash for the smooth running of the weed business.

According to him, the bank had advised him to go digital by getting an ATM card so he could be withdrawing the money in little sums, so he deposited lall the cash he had only to have challenge withdrawing the money when he needed it.

A female banker was trying to pacify the man as he continued to lament and stressed that he would not leave until he gets his money.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a 10-year-old African American girl turned to a non-certified midwife of sorts when her mom went into labour at home.

The brave child helped her pregnant mum to deliver a baby girl with a little external assistance from professionals. Her action helped save her mother’s life during the critical period of childbirth.

It was reported that he mother, Viola Fair, 30, went into labour at home on October 22, and it was apparently three weeks before her due date.

Due to the woman being in excruciating pain and there not being enough time to take her to the hospital, she asked her daughter to call 911.

She did as instructed and spoke with a dispatcher. ”Hi, I think my mom is in labour,” the girl said.

However, she could not wait till the paramedics, who were on their way, arrived so she had to follow all the instructions from the dispatcher and relayed them to her mother to enable her give birth.

The call lasted nearly 11 minutes within which she helped her mom deliver her baby sister safely at home.

The paramedics arrived at their residence moments later and took the mother and her two daughters to the hospital.