‘Weed brings inspiration’ is the biggest lie – Singer Crayon

Budding singer and songwriter, Crayon has said the belief that smoking weed is a source of inspiration is the ‘biggest lie’.

He advised his colleagues and other creatives not to be deceived into believing that taking drugs or smoking substances would inspire them.

Crayon weed

The 23-year-old explained that anyone who isn’t talented won’t be creatively inspired by ingesting weed or other illicit substances.

Crayon wrote; “The biggest lie na say Igbo/ weed / drugs dey bring inspiration lol na the biggest lie bros you get talent you get talent if you no sabi you no sabi if you like smoke 1 bag of Igbo shi shi you no vibe! Don’t be deceived. Pls say no to drugs! ❤️🙏🏽”

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Meanwhile this comes after he revealed that he was addicted to illicit substances for years. He said he gave up the addiction after Mavin Records producer and CEO of Blowtime Imprint, Babyfresh, rescued him from the slums.

According to the singer, he used to take tramadol, emzolyn, rohypnol but he never smoked weed or crystal meth also known as ice.

Crayon said when Babyfresh met him and discovered his talent, he was advised to stop doing drugs and he decided to turn his life around.

The ‘Ngozi’ crooner who recalled his past addiction via Twitter, said he is now rich and famous yet he does mot ingest any illegal hard substances.

“Bro I used to do drugs back in the days in Ojo name it!!! Trams? My highest na 700 milligram! Skushi’s from ele! 2 big ragolis me and my guys!! Emzolyn I dey pop raw 2 bottles !!! Ref!!! But I no do ice shaaa!! And I no smoke igbo sha me I get sense!!

“Babyfresh picked me up from the slums. He said you gats stop all those things I did!! All glory to God! I did!! Now I don’t smoke or do those things any more!!! Upon all the money wey I get!! I’m chilled!!” he wrote.