Using Gas to Run Your Generator: Safe or Not?

If it is safe to use gas for cooking by attaching a nozzle directly to  the top of a cylinder, it is safe to use the same gas to power a  generator where the combustion process occurs inside a cylinder,  isolated from the gas cylinder.

Benefits of Using Gas on Your Generator

Using LPG as fuel for generators offers cost-reduction, increased efficiency, safety, and environmental benefits.

Safety Precautions

1. The installation of the conversion kit should be performed by a qualified professional

Safety Precautions

2. Ensure that the generator is placed in a well-ventilated area,  preferably outdoors, to allow the safe dispersion of any exhaust gases.

Safety Precautions

3. Store the LPG in appropriate cylinders designed for LPG storage.

Safety Precautions

4. Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the safe operation of any generator, including those using alternative fuels.

Conversion Kits

When converting a generator to run on LPG, one of the major components required is an LPG carburetor