We used to sleep on the floor in Mushin, now my parents visit me in London – Man celebrates grace

A Nigerian man living in the United Kingdom, Toyyib Adewale Adelodun, has appreciated God or the progress his family enjoys and departure from their poor beginning.

He took to Twitter and recounted how he and his father were sleeping on a mat in their house in Mushin, Lagos state.

Adelodun said he used to watch the man panic whenever it was time to renew the house rent and the children of their landlord often mocked hia father.

The Civil Engineer, who is the first child recently flew his parents to London and they stayed in his property.

He used his story to inspire many people to never lose hope as no condition is permanent.

Adelodun wrote; “My dad and I used to sleep on a floor mat in Mushin. As the first child, I watched him panic when rent was due. The landlords children dragged him to my face.

When my parents visited London, they stayed in my property. This is one of the reasons why I will always preach hope.

Your present condition is not permanent. Don’t doubt what God can do. Hold on! Stay alive! Don’t give up! A time is coming when you will laugh about all the things you worry about today.

By the way, I am always sharing everything I learn along the way, Personal Development tips, Scholarship and Work Opportunities around the world, Financial Literacy, and many more. ❤️🙏”