We make less than €50 despite working hard in bush – Europe-based Nigerians tell their relatives (Video)

A group of young Nigerian men working abroad have sent a public service announcement to family members begging them to send money home.

In a video which surfaced online, two young men who were in a bushy field revealed that it was their place of work.

The duo claimed to make less than 50 Euros despite how they toil and work hard to survive in Europe.

They showed off the unfavourale working condition and told relatives that it is what they do for a living abroad so they should not be expected to send money which will be used to have fun in Nigeria.

One of them placed a curse on ungrateful relatives who express disappointment when they are not able to get money from them.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, mz_amakagrace said; What were u guys expecting to do before, if u go school u go see better work work na. It’s ur choice nobody forced u, all these Europe motivational speakers don too much make una rest Abeg.

_dejigram; Lol you traveled to another man’s country with zero qualifications and you did not even try to do one or two courses so you’d have access to jobs. Don’t come here and be spitting rubbish do the needful!

othylo_; When everybody go know say money no Dey UK? Una no Dey see usa 🇺🇸 travel go!

olu_herodotus; Ppl are suffering in Europe especially immigrants whatever they send to you at home please appreciate it

derbie_______001; Abeg shut up😡who sent you there? And that thunder go fire u too 😡werey man 😏na people wey Dey beg u money I Dey blame 😏come on get out

sbn_michael; Y’all always sound like you were forced, Abeg rest 😂

nelsonchikanwafor; Europe is hard oooo Money dey naija ooo just find a legitimate Business in Nigeria stay focused and I can confidently guarantee you will win in Nigeria. Forget japa nothing dey outside .

mr.dash2210; Omg. I’m starting to believe these people are paid agents by the Naija government to discourage youths from the Japa epidemic

mammonilluminati; Nobody is asking you money oga. Shut up your mouth there. Go school!!!!

simplybeingmam20; I don’t know the part of Europe some Nigerians are going to. But to be specific, France jobs pay well. And in farming they earn more, it a bit of hard labour because not every farm produce use machines. They should stop discouraging others, just stay out trouble.

lumeking_; Na person say make you nor go school? Na you by yourself limit your options. There are immigrants who have high paying jobs abroad, working in the corporate sectors. So shut up and complete your 8hrs lol

meekyfred; I pray God comes true for everyone hustling to put food on the table. May you little become plenty. 🙏

thefixer__; You’re not suffering! You’re working! There is a difference. People should not mistake working to survive with suffering. If you want a better life or opportunities then work for it. And wait, if you don’t want people to disturb you for money, just tell them to stop asking you for money or simply block them. That concept of monkey Dey work baboon Dey chop ended in 2012.

_kofoworola; Who force u make u go Dey work there abeg Goan siddan

chinweskitchen; Improve yourself before you leave Naija or at most learn their language or you will end up as a construction worker or you will have to pick grapes 🍇 in Europe.