We have happy home because we pray – Actress, Anita Joseph shares secret

Popular Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has revealed the reason she and her husband, MC Fish have a happy home.

Anita took to her official social media page and disclosed that she always prays fervently with her partner.

She uploaded a video of them praying in their house and said that when other couples decide to do same, they will see their home transform.

The actress, however came under heavy fire for posting the clip, but she responde that if they can share party videos and post it, they can do same for prayer sessions.

She wrote; “One of our secrets to our happy Home ” We pray ✓ When you pray with your Husband ” See how your home Transforms shallom.”

Anita added; “If you can go to party and post it, we can it,we also pray and post it. If you don’t like it Receive Holy Ghost knock. I’ve done my part siddon there Dey wail the secret to her happy home..

What is wrong with setting cameras to pray? The cameras they set in your churches nko?”

Read some mixed reactions below..

deco_rbyj said; Celebs are humans,leave them nau

charisorganicskincare; We are in the era of social media and we are moved by what we see .. People show different parts of their lives that “are none of our business” and it affects people. Her post might not be for everyone, but I am certain someone would see it and would be prompted to pray, even if it is just a line of “help me Jesus” and maybe the post is for that one person.

soyoufoundeve; If I can set camera at clubs or when grooving with hubby or friends , biko why can’t I set camera to show off that I’m praying ? Bitter people just full this obasanjo social media🙄

zeeokere; That man fit Dey eat pass anita but e no go show,some persons are like that.

touchofflorence_empire; If you can set camera to market your products and twerk what is wrong in setting camera to pray. Hallelujah challenge no be camera dem set for people to know about it. Ndi uwa sef.