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We found out after DNA tests that MKO Abiola had only 55 children not 103 – Son

Late Chief Moshood “MKO” Abiola’s son, Abdul Mumuni, has revealed that DNA test was conducted on all his children to determine the paternity.

Mumumi said that the politician who won the annnuled 12 June 1993 presidential election, had 103 children he was taking care of before his death.

However, he noted that after the DNA tests were completed, the result confirmed that only 55 of them genuinely belonged to MKO Abiola.

He made this known during an interview with ‘Mic On Podcast’, while trying to correct the narrative that his father had 103 children with 40 wives.

According to Mumuni, many people thought Abiola was enjoying himself, but they do not know that he was paying school fees for 103 people.

He said; “DNA tests confirmed only 55 as his biological offspring. You know the Abiola family, we are not that much. People think we are a lot. We are only 55. Well, there were 40 wives. Then according to the will, I think about forty-something though.

“There were some wives that were not there at the end. But not at the beginning, but at the end. Most of the wives had maybe one or two for my dad. Not every one of them.

“When my father was alive, he was paying for 103 people to go to school. But like I said not all of them were his. So after the blood tests, we happen to be 55.”

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