“We don’t accept bastards” – Mohbad’s father insists on DNA test for grandchild

Late rapper, Mohbad’s father, Mr Joseph Aloba, has reiterated his call for a DNA test to be carried out on his 6-month-old grandson, Liam Aloba.

He wants the DNA test to be done in at least three different health facilities for an authentic result, where he or a family representative will be present to avoid foul play.

The grieving father made the demand during a recent interview with Stams TV as he stressed that it will be a thing of joy if the boy is Mohbad’s child, however, if the test proves otherwise, he won’t be accepted.

In his words, ‘’It is a must they do it. Nigerians have been demanding that they do it and so it is a must that it is done. We are even hearing that it has been done but there is no way that such will be done without informing me who is the father of the deceased or for me to send someone to represent me while the test is being done. Even if they do it, it must be done in two or three places so we can know the truth.

Where I am from in Ikere Ekiti, even the Olu of Ikere just left here after paying me a visit. We don’t accept bastards. It will be a thing of joy if the child is Mohbad’s own because that is the only child Mohbad left behind for me. Three days before his death, I was with him. He served me food, and put Liam on my hand while he was taking pictures. It will be a thing of joy for that child to be mine because I love that child but if it turns out Liam is not his son, it will not be good if we do not find out the truth now because of the future. Even so that Mohbad will not also blame me for accepting something like that. So it is necessary for the DNA to be done.”

Speaking on the autopsy, Mr Aloba lamented over the delay and hinted that they are eager to bury their son whose body was exhumed weeks ago.

He said; ‘’The autopsy is taking time. I did not know it would take this long because the corpse of that child, Mohbad, is suffering where it is. But we are not more powerful than the government. Many Nigerians demanded for the autopsy and they are doing it now. I will call one of the Senior Police officers after the interview and ask if they have finished taking all they need from his body so that he can be buried.”