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We are yet to receive senators’ December salaries as promised – Kaduna bombing victims

Victims of the Nigerian Army’s accidental bombing in Kaduna state on December 3, have lamented that the promise made by senators to donate their salaries, is yet to be fulfilled.

Deputy Senate President, Barau Jibrin, during a condolence visit to Kaduna last year, pledged that the 109 senators would donate their December salary of N1m, amounting to N109m to the victims.

However, almost a month later, spokesman for the Senate Yemi Adaramodu, confirmed that the lawmakers have not redeemed their pledge but said the delay was merely procedural.

Adaramodu explained; “Any noticeable delay in the delivery of the Senate’s pledge to the victims of the unfortunate Kaduna State incident is merely procedural.

“We pledged December monthly salaries and these would come in January. We are still in January. Whatever commitment the Senate made to the Nigerian people shall be religiously fulfilled.

“A letter will be written by the committee to all of them (donors) who made pledges… The bandits have written them (villagers) threatening their lives and the committee wants to avoid anything that would jeopardise the peace effort in that village for now.

“They have written them letters on that. So, the committee wants to see how they can disburse the funds quietly without anybody including the bandits knowing.”

Speaking with The Punch, Idris Dahiru, who lost 30 members of his family to the incident, said the victims had yet to receive anything from those who pledged donations.

He said; “We are eager to see development in our area after the unfortunate incident but not yet. We are expectant. We are not happy that some well-meaning Nigerians who promised donations publicly refused to redeem their pledges.

“We were informed that some of those who announced their donations publicly, on realising that they were using the funds to rebuild Tudun Biri, declined to redeem their pledges. Those in that category should come out and let the world know that they decline to redeem their pledges.

“The security situation in Tudun Biri is still a concern. We were told that a military formation would be established but that has not happened. There is still a security threat here in Tudun Biri and the earlier the government acted on the promise (military formation) the better for the community.”