“Water no get enemy, till you fall for Oshimiri” is a deep line – Omah Lay reacts to Junior Pope’s death

Nigerian music star, Omah Lay, has mourned seasoned actor, Pope Odonwodo also known as Junior Pope, who died as a result of a boat accident.

It was gathered that the 39-year-old actor and three of his colleagues were coming back from a movie location in a boat when they fell into Anam River.

Junior pope dies in boat accident

Reacting, Omay Lay said he cried when he heard the sad news and he referenced a line from his hit song ‘Soso’ about the dangers of Water.

He mentioned ‘Water No Get Enemy’, implying that a substance which is gentle and calm which humans and animals enjoy, can also kill us.

The singer expressed pain that water took the life of Junior Pope, and went on to subtly caution people to be wary because their enemies might come as friends.

Omah Lay reacts to Junior Pope's death

His comment comes amid claims that the accident was caused by actor Tochukwu Okafor, who stood up inside the boat, and started ringing a bell.

Omah Lay said; ““Water no get enemy, till you fall for Oshimiri”. That line from my song is deep. I cried when I heard Junior Pope is gone. Most of the things we enjoy can kill us. Water is gentle, calm and peaceful but it took the life of our brother.

Many people who want to kill you first come as friends, any man the devil wants to poison, he makes him enjoy drinks. Pay attention to most of the things you enjoy, your downfall can easily come from there. Rip my brother.”