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Watch moment pastor ate eba and soup in church and gave members his fingers to lick to receive blessings (Video)



A video has surfaced online showing the moment a pastor was eating during what is believed to be a church service and giving ‘blessings’ in a rather odd way.

The clergy man could be seen eating eba and soup (a traditional Nigerian meal) as church members approached to lick his fingers one after the other.

A lady was holding the water which he used to wash his hands intermittently and a man held the bowl of eba from which he dipped while he (pastor) was holding the plate of soup.

After each handful consumption, a member of the church would come closer to him and he would stretch out his hand for them to lick.

According to the Twitter user who shared the video, the cleric said he is doing it to ensure that bountiful blessings fall upon each member of the congregation.

Watch the video below:

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