Wale grieves as he loses grandfather at 103

Nigerian-American rapper, Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, professionally known as Wale has announced the passing of his grandfather.

He took to his Instagram page on Friday, January 20 to make the announcement and revealed that the man died at 103.

Wale, who penned a short emotional post urged people to draw their family closer and embrace them because everything in life means nothing without them.

He wrote; “I lost my Grandfather today.. he made it to 103. I been stayin low lately and lettin God talk to me.. imma smile as much as I can today.

Embrace your family! None of this means anything without them. Rest now, Oga. A true Ondo State Legend.”

The rapper also shared an article which reported how his grandpa expressed pride in him when he returned to his village.

“One point his father tells an interesting anecdote that those from his home village were not surprised by Wale’s success and almost had a “no surprise” type attitude thanks to his great grandfather happening to be the man who brought the “talking drum” to their home village of Ondo State.

After making last minute emergency plans and possibly pulling some strings to expedite the trip, Wale’s grandfather arrives and thing truly take a turn for the incredibly heartfelt. With his father watching on Wale’s grandfather explain to him not just his pride in Wale but that his time [on earth] is nearly at its end and that meeting Wale finally has left him at peace and able to move on.

Understandably, Wale isn’t exactly sure how to handle being told such a deeply touching but also very sad notion, but it is definitely not lost on him as he mentions that this moment caught on film will be something he remembers and reflects on for the rest of his life. Before they part way’s Wale spends a few minutes (via the internet) showing his father and grandfather some of his accomplishments, spending a few minutes making his family’s patriarchs proud of the man they helped raise, even if was in many ways from a distance,” the article read.