Video: You’re the reason traditional worship still exists – Traditionalist thanks Yahoo boys

A traditionalist has expressed deep gratitude to internet fraudsters aka ‘Yahoo Boys’ for ensuring the preservation of traditional African religion.

He said they are the reason traditional worship still exist despite after older ones have abandoned it for Christianity and Islam.

The spiritualist went to a riverside to heap prayers on Yahoo Boys who are scamming people both home and abroad.

In a video making the rounds online, he could be seen in a white garment standing in water while sending out the note of thanks.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, only.esther_wrote; If you have a legit job and not moved by online wealth…. That’s something to be proud of!!! Never seen a yahoo boy who visits native doctors live until they’re 50💔

_toby_loba; Nah lie no be only yahoo boys 😂 some pastors wey get church but still dey do traditional worship ko

diana_coleman231; Why we sef go leave our traditions for oyinbo white Jesus? Let it make sense.

amina_minaah; So una Dey baff soap ??? Why you con Dey tell us say na grace ??

ksolo_hitz; If na yahoo boys make una dey exist how about politicians and musicians? 😂

avediamond; Why won’t they even use the traditional powers on our corrupt leaders? Why for only yahoo boys who will use it to commit crimes

nonymacjossy; So what does it say about your traditional worship if it is preserved by only the wicked?

the_chef_khadi; Did our tradition encourage scamming people?did it ever encourage using others for ritual?so sad.

odinaala_igbo; Someone would wake up and ignorantly start making ignorant comment. Fact is there is whole number of traditionalist and Dibia do not encourage yahoo culture, if your morals are corrupt there is a lot of strong believers whose morals are not corrupt.

Odinaani doesn’t make people wealthy so this assertion is really stupid but then you are advertising yourself and your Ogwu so go on!

cama__sneh002; Everything yahoo , You know how many be men of god at day and men of the underworld at night . Na them go serve ayilala, ogun and the rest , Then come out during the day to perform nonsense miracle

pleasurez_; In other words, the gods don’t have true worshippers anymore. Rather they have people who are seeking for wealth and protection.