Video: Why men will always cheat till thy kingdom come – Actor Baba Tee

Nigerian actor, Babatunde Bernard, popularly known as Baba Tee has asserted that men will keeping cheating until the end of time.

He explained that being unfaithful while in a relationship or marriage is inevitable, because it is a man’s it is ingrained in them, saying, “cheating is a man’s next skin”.

Baba Tee advanced the argument while featuring on the Honest Bunch podcast co-hosted by Nedu Wazobia, Toun, Ezinne and Husband Material.

Baba Tee cheating

According to the actor, when a married man is in bed with another woman, his thoughts are constantly focused on his wife. He said it will keep being that way unless unless a woman chooses to marry an AI robot and give it her complete control.

Baba Tee said; “A man will always cheat till thy kindgom come. When you are shagging a girl, your mind is still with your woman. Cheating is men’s next skin, whether you like it or not.

You call it cheating, but it’s their next skin. Even if you like marry AI, maybe in your generation will have to marry AI, a programmed machine that doesn’t have blood in its veins, that will be your husband that you will keep.”

Nedu asked Baba Tee if a woman is actually wasting her time for trying to make her man remain faithful. In response, the thespian said she wants to spend the rest of her life alone.

“She wants to live alone for the rest of her life,” Baba Tee said with a straight face.

Watch video below:

In reaction, bennysouzamedia wrote; As long as your wife or girlfriend can reciprocate the energy! Why not?

hideeofficial; Not all men cheat boss., I know married men that I can swear on my life that they’ve never cheat in their marriage

big_happinessxo; I disagree totally with this …… if am in love I don’t cheat !!! I respect to the kor

ori_adj; una mentor don drop quote when their heart is far from God cheating will be norm.