Video: There’s no rich man on earth that is a salary earner – Pastor Emmanuel

General Overseer of Calvary Bible Church, Pastor Olumide Emmanuel, has claimed that there is no rich person in the world who has attained wealth from only earning a salary.

The clergyman turned financial advisor stated this is an episode of the Honest Bunch Podcast, after observing the lifestyle and pattern of many rich people.

He asserted that most working class individuals in the 9-5 jobs would hardly ever get to a level of financial freedom because of the nature of their jobs. Emmanuel revealed that most rich men do not have only one source of income or investment.

He said that one of those investments is, Real Estate which they use to preserve their wealth, and after discovering the pattern, he applied them to his life and in three years, his story changed.

Emmanuel revealed that when he started, he worked as a full-time pastor but had to reevaluate after his neighbours kept treating him like an errand boy because he was home during working hours.

He advised other pastors who intend to do full-time ministry to also get a job so they don’t have to live from hand to mouth despite getting called by God.

Pastor Emmanuel said; “Many things I noticed is, number 1 “There is no rich man on earth that is a salary earner” Everyone that is wealthy today, they don’t depend on salary alone.

“Number 2 “There is no rich man on earth that has only one source of income” Number 3 ‘Every rich man on earth, all of them without fail, real estate is part of what they used to retain their wealth.

So when I studied it, that’s when I realised that I have discovered the principles, I now applied it in this same Nigeria, in three years and my story changed.”

Watch video below: