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Video of ATM-like machine dispensing water for villagers goes viral (Watch)



A video which surfaced online recently, shows an African community where an ATM machine dispenses water instead of money.

In the clip, people could be seen queuing up to use the ATM to get water for either domestic or public use.

How it works is that the interested water buyers approach the water dispensing machine with their ATM cards. They then rub off the golden part of the ATM on a section of the machine after clicking a button on the automated device.

A lady couldn’t believe her eyes after completing the process as she screamed in awe as water was dispensed.

Watch the video:

Netizens were not to pleased with the idea of members of a rural community being made to pay for their water despite the fact that it’s already difficult for them to get access to clean pipe borne water.

@timikuti said; The next battle to be fought would be over what was put on earth for free. Water!

@damigorous; No human specie should have to pay for access to good water.

@adebamb0; If this kind water fall ground I go use foam clear am.

@mjglobaltech; I know this can’t be in Nigeria…God forbids!

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