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Video: Nigerian man waits for traffic light to turn green before crossing the road



In an act many view as odd in this part of the world, a Nigerian man has displayed true respect for the law and due process as he was spotted waiting on the side of the road for a traffic light to turn green; indicating go – before he crossed.

A video which has been circulating online, shows the man with a backpack waiting patiently all by himself for the light to change colour and give signal for him to cross.

Nigerians have since expressed mixed reactions to the act, while some viewed it as abnormal, others lauded him for doing what is right even if he does it alone.

An Instagram user, @iam_chrismiles, who shared the video, made jest of the pedestrian with a caption which reads; “Ebonyi people oo… dude waited for the traffic light… this guy must be a vehicle”

Watch the video:

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