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Video: Nigerian lady attempts suicide after her boyfriend broke up with her



A Nigerian lady simply known as Busola reportedly attempted suicide after being left heartbroken when her boyfriend broke up with her.

According to reports, the young lady had locked herself up in her apartment in Abeokuta, Ogun State, and refused to answer calls from friends and family.

A source familiar with the situation, said that they stormed her house and broke in through the ceiling to find her body on the floor.

She reportedly drank liquid soap, but thankfully it was not fatal as she was subsequently rushed to the hospital.

The source said; “We were worried for her as she didn’t answer numerous calls from her friends. We suspected she had done the unthinkable because of her cryptic posts on WhatsApp.

So we swung into action and ran to her place and knocked several times and she didn’t open the door. We called on her neighbor to break open the ceiling and he was able to gain entrance into her apartment.

She was found almost lifeless as she had consumed a liquid soap. We rushed her to the hospital where she’s receiving medical treatment.”

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