Video: I’ll never wife a woman with multiple body counts – US rapper, Lil Zay Osama

American rapper, Lil Zay Osama says he will never get married to a woman who has slept with numerous men.

He said this during a podcast, noting that if she has been with more than four different men that that falls under the category of multiple body counts.

The 25-year-old rapper, however, said that he has been with 200 women, and as a man he reserves the right be with that much partners.

When the presenters asked if he is particularly worried about her sleeping with men he knows, he said that it cuts across both his friends and strangers.

According to Lil Zay, if a woman he is interest in tells him that she has slept with 7 or 10 men then it means she is already disqualified as an option because that’s overboard.

He specifically said that women are not allowed to sleep with as many people as men are permitted to be with.

Watch him speak below:

Meanwhile, a man has cried out for help following an agreement he had with his friend that went sour and that led to disasters in his life.

He said that his buddie was wooing a particular girl who kept playing hard to get, so he made a bet that he will be able to sleep with her.

The friend doubted him but decided to go along with the bet, but it did not take long before he bedded the girl.

Feeling betrayed by his buddie for sleeping with his crush, he cut off contact and communications.

However, the affected man lmented that ever since then, his friend chases him in his dream with stones. He also said mysterious things have been happening around him.

Read his write-up:

This story happened between myself and my friend. There is this girl my friend has been putting all efforts to get, from buying food, gifts and sending money to this girl. And he keeps gisting me about everything. So he showed me some chats some times ago and I told him I might be the one that will sleep with this girl last last.

He was dumbfounded, so he dared me and gave me her number. The girl was already stressing him out so he thought it wouldn’t work out for me. I texted the girl on WhatsApp and within one week, I started sleeping with the girl at her place. I brought her to my place to chill one day cos her flat mate was around, we end up doing it and luckily for me my friend came around just around that time though I was yet to tell him what i was already doing with the girl. He was surprised when he saw us. The girl later left and my friend had to leave I guess he wasn’t himself.

Since my friend knew about all this, he has stopping coming to my place. First my generator went missing. Any clothes I spread outside everything missing. This guy started chasing me in my dreams. I don’t even sleep 5minutes before I start dreaming about him. So many weird things has been happening that I can’t mention here. So I confronted him and he said that’s the punishment I have to face for being a sly.

I begged him that I would hook him up with another girl, he only said if I want everything to be good, he only want my sister. My sister!!!!! don use money beg this guy, he’s so bent about resolving the issue with my sister. My sister even dislikes this guy I didn’t sleep over night, this guy was chasing me with stone. Please what can I do? I am tired.