Video: Igbo ladies are not great for marriage – Speed Darlington

Nigerian rapper cum content creator, Darlington Okoye, known by his stage name, Speed Darlington, has said Igbo women are not great for marriage.

His assertion is coming a few weeks after he launched search for a wife on social media and announced the criteria for interested candidates.

Speedy had stated that fluency in Igbo language is a quality that his potential wife must possess, however, he has now changed his mind about Igbo ladies.

In a video making the rounds on social media page, the US-based advised eligible bachelors to avoid marrying ladies from the south-eastern part of the country.

Akpi, as he is fondly called, also claimed that Igbo ladies are “proud and promiscuous, a statement which earned him heavy backlash, for ‘unverified generalization’.

Speed Darlington said; “This message is for my brothers who are planning to marry. Listen to me, you are not more exposed than I am. My job makes me travel a lot. So, I think I’m very quality to give this advice.

“Avoid Igbo girls, they’re not great for marriage. I am an Igbo guy and I am telling you about our girls. Avoid Igbo girls, they’re very greedy and unappreciative. They behave like black American women; nothing you give a black American lady is enough.

“Igbo women are also very proud unlike Yoruba and Hausa women. I wonder how someone is going to live with such a braggadocious woman. They’re the number one prostitvtes in Nigeria. Most social media feminists are Igbo women.”

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