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Victoria Inyama advises ladies to avoid rape by dressing appropriately (Video)



Vetaran Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama, has dished a piece of advise to women on the issue of rape.

Inyama speaking in a video shared on her Instagram page, said ladies ought to dress appropriately to avoid getting raped.

She also slammed the federal government over its delay in fixing a penalty for rape crimes, adding that to avoid being a victim of rape, ladies should endeavor to dress appropriately so they do not “trigger” the perpetrators of rape crimes.

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The ex-actress wrote; ”Appropriate Dressing & Comportment

“It’s obvious to me that the Nigerian government is not really ready to put a fixed penalty to Rape and so l beg my ladies (minus the minors or aged victims) to plsssss dress in appropriate clothing so as to reduce the trigger for the perpetrators……

A lot of these Perpetrators have underlying mental health issues & being around them in certain clothing is a trigger…..sadly the victim still gets to be shamed & ridiculed, so since this government is Not ready to do much, it would be wise to safeguard yourself.

Yes it’s not about the dressing some will say & compare with Europe & America but remember they take Rape cases seriously unlike Nigerian…..Think about it”.

Watch the video below;

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