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Vice-President of UNIUYO Students’ Union appoints Chief of Staff, PA, CPS and 13 Special Assistants



Vice President of the University of Uyo Students’ Union, Blessing Jaja has reportedly appointed 17 aides to his office.

A letter of the appointment dated 11th October 2021, has surfaced online and it shows the names of the appointees and their designations.

Among the positions are Chief of Staff, Chief Press Secretary, Personal Assistant, and Chief Protocol Officer.

The remaining 13 positions are for Special Assistants.

A photo of the letter is currently circulating on social media and it has sparked reactions of condemnation targeted at the newly sworn-in Vice President.

Reacting, @RealDaniel_OG said; Ọmọ, Only for Students Union ?? Which kind appointment be this ? Just VP oh, we never see President. This one na government inside government.

@Uzochi_O; SA Media and Publicity 1 and 2 in a school community of not more than 10k students? Nigeria ntorrr!! See what you are producing. Ntorrr again.

@rotilaw; Not his fault. What examples does he have?

@pimpet; This is how u say “I’m not capable” without saying so. With all this SA, is there any point having a VP? Which work remain?

@Emmanue41720182; It’s delusion for any discerning mind to still believe that Nigeria has any kind of future, and this is a pointer to that.

@udyelle; Copying format from the govt

@omalichajp; No hope for Nigeria is a simple fact.

@geesword; If these ones enter government ehnn????

@VincentEinstein; Lol… My dear. I tire for all these recent comrades wey we dey see these days. Politics wey I do for school, Dem don turn am to another thing. When I was a President, I didn’t even have such number of aides

@Uzochi_O; I’m confused. Is SUG not for 1 academic session again?

@Ofochebe; This is LAUGHABLE !!!

@NazarethWoods; Even the “Leaders of tomorrow ” are copying badly. Tomorrow is not even assured.

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