Vice Chancellor threatens to expel female student over indecent dressing (Video)

The alleged Vice-Chancellor of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) has threatened to rusticate a female student for dressing indecently.

A video which surfaced on social media captures the moment the VC reprimanded after he spotted her in the classroom area.

Upon sighting the student while walking around the school with officials, he questioned the female student out of curiousity to know if she is comfortable in her indecent outfit, saying she looks nvkxd.

The girl pleaded with him to review his decision, but the VC insisted on her dismissing her, saying the institution should not be accommodating such immorally dressed student.

In response, the student defended herself by saying she is not exposing herself and felt comfortable in the outfit.

Her response provoked the VC who then instructed the officials to collect her matric number and other details as he is going to dismiss her from UNIPORT.

Watch the video: