Vendor calls out Influencer Papaya Ex for not promoting her business two weeks after receiving payment

A Nigerian entrepreneur identified on Twitter as @Fanciee_, has taken to the microblogging site, to call out popular influencer, Abike Arab Money aka Papaya Ex for not honouring a business agreement.

She shared screenshots of their chat and disclosed that she contacted Papaya to promote her online shoe sale business.

According to the vendor, she wanted the influencer to repost her business on her Instagram story and she agreed.

@Fanciee_, however said that after sending the payment to her two weeks ago which was meant to be for Black Friday sales in November, she has not posted her business once.

She sent N25,000 to the Instagram big girl and kept following up but she never replied to any of her messages even long after the validity of the promotion expired.

Sharing screenshots, she wrote; ”Lol so I paid this Papaya two weeks ago for a repost ad,that was supposed to be for Black Friday sales,I made the payment 24th of November so she wouldn’t say she didn’t get enough time,this babe was posting orisirisi nonsense on her story but the one she got paid to post.”

See the post below:

Meanwhile, a young Nigerian man has taken to social media to share his downward transformation years after joining Yahoo Yahoo (internet fraud).

He posted a throwback video of him making a promise to social media followers that he’ll start doing yahoo and become a big baller in three years time.

”Give me 3 years, I don join Yahoo and work go soon pay me plz,” he said.

However, the fraudulent business did not pay him as expected because up till today he is yet to make it big.

Another part of the clip showed the yahoo boy in his present state and there was no upgrade in his appearance or lifestyle.

He lamented that Yahoo did not favour him and begged for another three years so that he can learn tailoring.

The young man wrote; ”E don red ooo, yahoo no favor me, u fit give me another 3 years to learn tailoring.”