Varsity student refuses to date male corper because ‘you don’t have resources to take care of girl like me’

A WhatsApp conversation between a corp member and a female undergraduate surfaced online and sparked controversy.

The guy known as Oluwaseyo asked out the lady, Esther but she declined and gave a lengthy explanation defending her decision.

She said that the first factor which already ticked him off her box is the fact that she does not date corpers.

Esther further explained that he would not be able to take care of her because he’s struggling and dependent on the allowance from NYSC.

According to the student, he doesn’t have the resouces to take care of a lady like her so she can only agree to remain friends with him.

Oluwaseyi was so stunned by her response that the only thing he could write to her was; What!!!!

Read the chat below:

In other news, music executive, Ubi Franklin recently said he will seek redress in court over the accusation by one Orebamz who claimed he is owing her payment for the services she rendered.

Ore, who is a web designer said Ubi contacted her with Iyanya’s Instagram account and asked her to work on a website for him, but after doing the design work, he refused to pay her N500,000 as agreed.

Orebamz wrote in part; “Please help me tell @ubifranklin1 to pay the money he owes me. In January, Mr Ubi Franklin reached out to me through @Iyanya ‘s twitter account to tell me there were a few projects he wanted us to work on. Of course I was excited to see @Iyanya ‘s dm and was happy to work together. Still using Iyanya’s account he told me to message UbiFranklin on WhatsApp and gave me his number. I sent him a message on WhatsApp and he told me to check out a website, he wanted to add some functionalities…”

Reacting to her allegation, Ubi vowed to use her to set a precedence by taking legal steps to ensure the matter is squashed. The Triple MG boss also shared his own side of the story.

“I must set a precedent on this case. I’d love to hear what her lawyer’s defense will be,” he said.

His statement read partly;


Leadership exposed me to problems, they put you in the ring and ask you to defend yourself. I have been briefed about this post trending on Twitter and I’d like to quickly address it, though I think it might get to more or less of those who have so far seen the post.

I have since 2021 built a proptech platform and it’s been live since then. I was catching up with a senior friend on the platform in January 2023 and what I’d like to do with it, while we were talking he mentioned a certain lady on Twitter who her tweets always popup on his timeline and will like to give her a job, I asked for her name and I had to dm her through Iyanya’s Twitter because my phone was down and Iyanya was there and phone was on. (She didn’t build the platform, the platform has been live two years before I knew her)

We got talking and then Election pressure, I told her we will talk and meet after elections and she agreed. After elections I had to travel to cool off this head before it will blow off and today I was going over schedules and I saw her messages and missed calls and I replied her, though opening the messages I saw threats of her going to call me out on social media and I was like hold on.