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“I used to hawk mangoes and sell Okrika clothes” – Comedian Wofaifada Shares Inspiring Story



The 26-year-old TV Presenter, Comedienne and Actress, Wofai Ewa, popularly known as Wofai Fada, who became popular with her “numerous” funny skits on Instagram, took to the platform to narrate the odd jobs she did to get to where she is today – from hawking fruits, selling okirika (second hand) clothes, ushering jobs and more.

She added that she never really concentrated in class because she wants to rush to the park with her cooler of ice cream and pure water for passengers moving from Enugu to the park.[AdSense-B]

Here’s what she wrote on her Social Media Page;

I don’t look like what I’ve been through ..just went through some of my old Facebook photos, the struggle got me all emotional
Can’t believe
I’m now a testimony.
Most of you ,that knew me in community secondary school ,ugep must have bought my ice cream before
They used to call I,and my sis @mimzewa “ice cream girls” she couldn’t take it. She ran to America
I never really concentrated in class , cos I always want to rush to the park with my cooler of ice cream and pure water for passengers coming back from Enugu to the park
From selling of burns ,
hawking of mango, water leave , oranges
To buying and selling of okrika from Balogun market, to uncial ,
selling of drinks in different clubs ,catwalking for various designers ,without pay ,hosting weddings and all events, Ushering people in and out Different occasions,
Running away from home to Lagos
becoming who i am today
Is a miracle.
Thanks to @Obazi_kubor for letting me squat with you, when I first came . I won’t lie. Lagos has been good to me
God promised to take care of me,and he hasn’t failed me ! He hasn’t even started ……. He did the final gbosa! For me recently. I can’t say it yet. Cos it still looks like a dream to me
I’ve never typed a message this long before, but something told me to do this today.
Cos it might inspire someone.
NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS !! God is seeing all your struggle .
Thanks to @makeupbyashabee for making me be part of your campaign .
Ps… I’m still available for all these services , call me if you need me
Above all, my business @just_afang
Will be open soon. And the hustle continues.
Please help me clap for JESUS

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