US singer, Camila Cabello denies selling her soul for fame

Multi award-winning American singer and songwriter, Camila Cabello, has denied selling her soul to the devil for fame and success.

The pop star, a former member of Fifth Harmony, left the group to pursue a solo career in 2016, leading to an eventually split in 2018.

US singer, Camila Cabello denies selling her soul

There have been speculations that the ‘Havana’ hitmaker has joined the Illuminati and “sold” her soul in exchange of stardom.

But according to Buzzing Pop, she debunked it in a recent interview, saying that she only bought dye and changed the colour of her hair.

“I have not sold my soul; I bought hair dye,” Camila said. The music star also quoted the viral report on her Twitter page with the caption; “I just had some bleach and a dream.”

US singer, Camila Cabello denies selling her soul

In similar news…

CorrectNG reports that last November, ace Nigerian singer, Divine Ikubor better known as Rema, had responded to allegations that he used “satanic/Illuminati” symbols during his concert at the O2 Arena.

Outrage and condemnation trailed his November 14 performance at his headline concert in the 20k capacity arena in London because he hopped on stage with some fetish items.

Rema’s entrance with a horse that caught flames was the first thing that stirred suspicion about whether he has joined the infamous cult, Iluminati.

However, he reacted via Twitter and explained that the artificial horse he rode on stage with was a replica of a Benin artifact, and the mask he wore was a replica of the famous Queen Idia mask.

The ‘Calm Down’ crooner also said the artificial bat he rode on during his second appearance was said to be a homage to the bats that dot the Edo night sky.

Sharing a clip from his controversial concert, Rema wrote; “RAVAGE UPRISING/ My Ancestors bronzes sit in the museum of this very city, so I remade mine. Hence, Edo is redefined, the map reshaped, your minds awakened & the mask reborn. Thank you London! 🦇🇬🇧”