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US returnee saves okada riders after seeing policemen extorting them in Oyo (Watch video)



US returnee saves okada riders after seeing policemen extorting them in Oyo (Watch video) - us returnee police extort okada

A Nigerian man who just returned from the United States confronted a group police officers that were extorting bike riders in Oyo state.

He spotted the officers when they were operating on a road harrassing and extorting okada men and he decided to intervene.

In a video making the rounds online, the US-returnee asked the uniformed men what authority they had to be stopping bikes and demanding money from them on the road.

After creating a scene, he was able to rescue an okada rider who was being extorted while transporting passengers and the security officers relutantly backed off.

Watch the video:

Read comments below..

sir_eltee; Police and collecting money from people 🤦‍♂️ they won’t ever change . We need more people like this man.

therealfemi; So this is how to handle them. I’m coming

hensel; If all Nigerians had this energy, Police will stop harassing us, Be your brothers keeper

a__cindy__; I am yet to see a police man whom this uniform looks good on. They are always like garage boys 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️agbero. 😂😂

favouronyeoziri; To a very large extent, our main problem in Nigeria is that we don’t even know our rights & even when we do, we don’t make any efforts to fight for it.

whatchuknowaboutzdat; Lol he should go and try same thing in the US sha cos cops be pulling us over too.

_kofoworola; See as dem for they no get level 😂once u confront dem their shoulder pad go come down

omalichawa__; How much is the bike rider making that u want to extort from him..when we Nigerians realize that apart from burhari we are also horrible people..then we would fix ourselves.

hunpeganjoseph; The police does not know their work or maybe they are doing illegal duty 🤔 cus a bloody civilian has no right to be questioning a police wat authority they have. They are doing stop and search and that moment wat if they caught someone with gun nko sebi he will not be asking dat questions.